5 minute craft / Champagne Metal Caps & Cork Crafts




Hi kids, what do you have there? SUSHI?

This is my original craft. This is easy and simple.

You can create your own small world forest in a tray.




  • Champagne Metal Caps & Corks
  • plant tray
  • some moss
  • a few balloons
  • small twigs or sticks
  • googly eyes (if you like)
  • etc.








If you are going to have a party soon, then you may save some wine or champagne corks.

Then you will need some balloons and oil marker pen.

And then your kids can make and play with these small people.

Thank you "reciclando en la escuela" I got this idea from you. Maravilloso!







How to make Cute little chairs

Click on the picture.

Thank you to "The Fab Miss B " who shows us how to make cute little chairs.



Tequila cap


Champagne cork and Tequila cap

Arms made by pipe cleaner crafts

Mustache Decorations Molded Sugar

 corkfolk stol3

5 minutes? It was not enough for me :-p)

I used 10 mimutes.

Try it and have fun.


Bubbly Bistro Chairs from "The Tamara Blog..."  

You will need a couple of Champagne cages and 2-3 types of pliers to make these tiny chairs.