2 Fun Easter Ideas Green Decor / Paper roll & Milk Carton Crafts

 When the Easter season comes, Cress decor is a very popular craft for children
Cress is a light edible sprout used in simple cuisine. It also makes a fun craft item.

Enjoy the season


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Plastic shot glasses or Medicine cups / Paper Rolls

pske karse3jpg

Milk Carton / Medical Cotton or Skin Care Pads / Sprouts ( Cress )


Make a nose with tack  ( Adhesive Putty ) and stick lips under them  /  Wiggly eyes  /  Sticker  

Make lips from 1cm wide color paper. Fold in 3 mm width in zigzag pattern( like WWWW ) 

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Cut the pressed tube to make arm (to the right on picture) to be inserted in the holes on the left ones

 add a Slit in the shape of " " on both sides (mirrored on the other side)
The fold on the tube will also hold the mini plastic cup from the inside and keep them in place

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Insert arms. It is your choice if you want the arms lifted or lowered

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 Under nose, add a 1 cm wide slit to put in the lips paper

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Please check this link for information on how long the seeds need to be soak

The cress will usually grow within 3-4 days. (2 days on the right, 5 days on the left)

Reference - superfoodevolution.com

  Norwegian log house style Green roof


 Cut a piece of cardboard a little bigger than the milk carton cutout. We will use it as an open roof.

The cardboard can be bent into shape to look like a Norwegian wood cabin


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