Worry dolls / 心配人形 / Peg dolls

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 With all that we have been through in the past few years, it takes a lot of energy to go through each day with a sense of normalcy, even for adults. I have stopped watching non-sports programs and have seen wonderful and inspiring scenes of young people pushing themselves to their limits. I will take the positive energy and dissipate the negative vibes against myself and those around me by expressing them differently. Love your neighbor.

This time I would like to post the top image "Worry Dolls" that I found in a museum 6 years ago.

 ここ数年、私達が今までにない経験を経たなかで、大人でも平常な気持で毎日過ごす事はとてもエネルギーが必要です。スポーツ番組以外の番組を見るのをやめ、若い人たちが己の限界に挑戦する姿が素晴らしく胸を     打つ場面を目にしてきました。ポジティブなエネルギーを受けて、自分に対して、周りの人たちに対しても、ネガ ティブな波動は表現を変えて発散していこうと思います。隣人を愛して。


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WorryDool 3Source https://www.fromthemayan.com/

 It comes from a myth from Guatemala, located in Central America.
It represents the Mayan princess Lxmucane, who was given the gift of problem solving by the sun god. Local children put this doll under their pillows at night and confide their problems to it, and the next day the doll takes them away.


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 WorryDoll 4 WorryDoll 6jpg

 Yarn, Ribbon, Tape, Pipe cleaners, Egg case,

Clothespins, Twig, Piece of cloth



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 WorryDolls 13

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Unbreakable material even when placed under the pillow.


    WorryDool 3

source  https://www.suchalittlewhile.com/guatemalan-worry-dolls-story/

グアテマラでは、心配人形はmuñecas de la preocupación    
  またはmuñecas quitapenasとして知られており、それぞれ 


 source  https://www.apa.org/monitor/oct06/talking 

Lea Winerman 子供たちにとって効果的な治療ツールになります。


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 WorryDolls 7jpg
 WorryDolls 9jpg

I have an antenna so I'm pretty sure!         🐻🌹🧍‍♀️The Thumbelina🐈

私はアンテナを持っているから確実よ!  熊、おや指姫、猫

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