Marc Vidal Toys Take You Back To Your Cute Memory

Marc Vidal is a vintage facsimile French games wholesale shop.Nostalgic texture of toys.

Color arrangement and printed illustrations, take you back to the good old times.

"Mark Vidal continues to create beautiful traditional toys" I agree 100 percent with this idea.



marc vidal 18 jeux de ficelle 2 1024x715




18 Different String Combinations.

Includes string and instructions for 18

different string combinations. 

◊Instructions in French.






A magnificent and very ancient set of 7

families. French Edition.

Play continues in this way until no families are

separated among different players.

The player with the most cards wins.(Wiki





Cute Mushroom Eraser and Sharpener.

This is a new kind of mushroom!

The top is an eraser and the bottom is

a sharpener.




Toys  Memory   Concentration game)

28 cards for this memory game

Find the double of each card. 

The player who finds the most pairs is the winner.

 marc vidal ombres chinoises blog 923x1024




18 Chinese Shadows    

18 models to make Chinese Shadows with your hands. 

◊Instructions in French.






Matches Game for late Evening

Includes 24 games with matches.

◊Instructions in English.







Elastics Game - Rubber String.

3 meters

A traditional elastic in a pretty metal box for

easy storage.

It's gonna follow you everywhere.





Tiger Game

This box contains 24 sticks of color that are

distributed to each player.

Then in turn, each player places one of his

sticks trying to keep balance.

Will develop the dexterity of children and

adults alike.

◊Instructions in English.

  les animaux



  I Learn to Draw Animals.

Learn how to draw animals in an

easy and simple way. Each step is

explained on the back of the card.

Each box includes a set of 18 animals.

 ◊Instructions in French & English.


  You can find Marc Vidal toys and games from

"bilboquet"    "frenchbazaar"    "eureka-orleans"      "biomome-bomino"  

   Good Ideas for winners prize party games.



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