Crafts Rock N Roll Fest 2016

  Rock Star Paper Roll






Cool! "Rock Star Toilet Paper Roll"

This rocker's hair made by straw.

Please visit  " Coocoolosite

and find tutorial.





mercury roll craft



 A beautiful full color PDF with.

(Click on the sentence of

             FREE DOWNLOAD) 

Also other iconic Rock stars:

The Beatles and David Bowie.

Many thanks to

gloriafort.wordpress "

from Catalonia. (Catalan and Spanish)

And if you are having difficulty to get your boy to eat his meals, she has a solution:

"PLANE spoon" Not free.


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  Bobblehead Paper Roll Toys

Bobblehead. roll crafts1  


This is my original craft.

Easy and simple to make with recycled materials.

I used plastic sheet as a spring. I'll show you how to make elasticity plastic piece.

Good elasticity

(Click on the pictures for full screen).


Bobblehead neck3


  2x is Double Layer Plastic sheets.

1x is Single Layer Plastic sheet.

You can see the difference between left and right rolls neck.

Double Layer has good elasticity.

Adjust by stapler.



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  David Bobblehead Paper Roll Figures 

All Bobblehead Paper Roll




Square head was created from a box of toothpaste.



Make a 2cm wide, 12-15cm long piece of Plastic sheet by folding a Plastic sheet in zig-zag.

In order to reliably fix, most of the materials are bonded with a glue gun. The ends of the plastic pieces are glued first to the head and then to the shoulders. 


Bobblehead Roll neck



Plastic sheets


How to make microphone, it's easy. A little piece of paper wrapped with short thread. And glue on a bead. Hold by pen clip. Put in the straw.



 The Paper Guitar

  15cm long from Digipro


3D Ukulele   

  from Pizzabytheslice