”Ring Around a Tree” Fuji Kindergarten etc.



The world’s best kindergarten?  (from euronews.com)

Source    About Fuji kindergarten from beginning for 3 minutes.







 It is free childcare was in basic

 Montessori Education Act

"Everyone are different"

"Help me, Do it myself."

"Understanding begins to


cover fuji


 Right now there are over 600


in the Fuji kindergarden.

Across Japan there are over

23.000 children

waiting to join a nursery.

Serving organic lunch, idea behind the

concept of montessori education.

I wish more coming in Japan.

Thank you for your visit.


 nekonoteSorring children's daycare.

I heard of a pretty unique kindergarden building in Silkeborg county,Denmark.

I was curious to check it out and I finally got chance to go in late July.

Unfortunately it was a saturday, so I only got to see the outside parts.

It houses 20 nursery school children and 100 kindergarten children,

aswell as 20 teachers and staff corresponddents. 

Open for anyone who live there. Wow that's nice.







 Architecture design is here.