Trulli of Alberobello / Book Folding Origami



 I have a friend from the city of

Bari, the capital city of the puglia

region in Italy.

Trulli, from the Albarbello area.

I was inspired to recreate them

using old bus schedule books as

seen on the picture to the left.





What is the symbols of top Trulli?

Maybe you would like to know.

 If you'll go to local shops

in Alberobello, you might find

accessories for sale that are

shaped to emulate Trulli's

symbols or Trulli's spires.

( from travelsforfun )

Click on the link above for a list

of explanations of the symbols'



 Albero how2

How to make Trulli houses by folding old books:

Preparation- You will need: Old book / Paperclip or Stapler / Bamboo stick.

 Tip-1  Make sure to fold the pages properly for a better end result.

 Tip-2  250 pages is good enough to stand up.

Follow the picture instructions of the right:

 A) Take the top edge corner of that page and fold to the center of

inner hinge. And then, take the other corner of the page and fold it to the


 B) Take the top edge corner of that page and fold to the center of

inner hinge. Make sure it aligns with the edge.

     part of book name


As I was folding these origami books for Trulli, an unfortunate train tragedy happened to near Bari (12th of July).

Some Japanese people make origami cranes to pray for lost life or for people fighting disease, a way to comfort the soul .

It is a form of symbolic support for persons who want overcome adversity and tragedy.

This is how I felt as I was making these decorations. I pray for the Victims and I pray for the people who need encouragement .

Thank you for your visit.

albero top2

  albero top1




Free printable  Alberobello

From Canon's creative site. (here)

This toy is like a Russian matryoshka doll.

The website recommends a specific type

of paper, Canon matte paper.

(170 gsm A4 50 Sheets)




Popupcard Trulli of Alberobello

This is Alberobello paper craft by

Popupcard creator in Japan.  

He has created a more complex

work. Check it out (here)




Book birdhouse

 From "redhenhome" made

book birdhouses are much closer to

Trulli house shapes.

Please try this folding origami DIY.   

book birdhouses



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