Can you guess who the "Cat King" and the "Cat Queen" are?

"Fastelavn" is Lutheran nation's version of  "carnival"

 Carnival / Mardi gras / Fastelavn / 7 weeks before Easter

Fastelavn is the name for Carnival in the historically Lutheran nations of Denmark, Sweden, Norway,

Iceland and the Faroe islands        

fastelavn krone keepcalm

Toilet rolls (Paper tube)  /  Wiggly Eyes
Wooden Ice Sticks  /  Spangle (glitter)
Crêpe paper /  Mini Yarn Hat / Thread
Origami (Print out papers)  /  Paper clip
Deco tapes  /  Felt Protector Pads - Sheet
Sticky Shelf Liner (Duct Laminate Peel) 

fastelavn Preparation

Toilet rolls Wood Sticks

fastelavn briller

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Cat in a barrel

Take both side of the paper roll and cut 8-12 equally spaced slits and squeeze them little bit.

2 piece of lids cut. little smaller than lid Φ tube and both side lid glue on. 

If you find it difficult to make a hole in the barrel lid, use a felt pad to make it look like it has hole.

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Use the craft puncher to make zig zag line for the crown.

fastelavn krone diy

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Why is this couple here? Well, March 3rd is also the day for the Japanese Girls Day (Hina-matsuri)

Decorate 🎎 the two main dolls if you have a girl in the household.
Crêpe paper wrap around of the tube
If you want a little volume for the head, then put in some tissue

fastelavn krone Catinabarrel 3

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fastelavn lightsaber krone

Cat in a barrel2

fastelavn krone think3

fastelavn love is stronger than

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Slå katten af tønden ◊  Cat in a barrel       
 Fastelavnsris  ◊  Carnival rod / Branch decoration
                      Rasler og klæder sig ud  ◊ Kids dress up to go out door to door

Thank you for visiting. Have a fun.


  Lightsaber Idea from Himajin-san

fastelavn lightsaber bottomfastelavn lightsaber onlys

If the figures can't stand well, then put a little weigth inside of the tube.

Use a small LED light that turns on when pushing down on the straw.

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