Rasmus Fairy door with your pictures / Small door / lille Nissedør


Fantasy Folk in the house

Do you want to feel like having Fantasy Folk visitors?

 You can put your own miniature photos inside the Fairy (nisse) Door

sne rasmushus reindeer

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rasmus husdr dr4

Use Decorative wood panels or

Hard cardboard sheet

rasmus husdr ide

Depending on where you set the Hinges

the door will be Inswing or Outswing Doors?

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door handle how2

This door handle is made from

a Champagne Metal Cap Wire

mini nissedr

The end of a Wooden spoon 🍴🥄or

Craft Popsicle Sticks can be used as doors.

 Add beads for Door like this (1.5cm)

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nissedr p2

How to make Hinge of the door:

Use of Small D-Ring or Triangle Ring Hanger from frame hanger


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Rasmus snissedr 3

Here are 2 different examples of door hinges: 

Triangle Ring Hanger (left picture)

or use the crafts wire (right picture)

nissedr koil how2

Fairy door Christmas Ornament

Wooden Winding Plate Board

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rasmus husdr start2

Here we see Craft Wire hinges (previous picture) sandwiched between a "door frame" made with cardboard sheet

Above the door is a small entrance roof made of Hard cardboard sheet

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rasmus husdr 5

The pictures in the window are easily changable.

Also, the entrance roof from the previous picture has been filled with miniature grass

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rasmus husdr

The window "glass" is made from Cut up Name tags 

The bottom part of the name tags keep the pictures secure

Small glue dots on the outside keeps it stuck on the wall 

rasmus husdr 6

Easy to Make window frame

Brown Quilling paper filigree are used as window frames

Icicle : Made with a Glue Gun and Glitter

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onament lillenissedr

Fairy door Christmas Ornament

( Wooden Winding Plate Board)

Cut off a corner of  a clear plastic folder 

D.Bowie paper doll

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sne rasmushus

Thank you for visiting. Have a nice holiday season.


Rasmus Klump is a Danish comic strip series for children. (1951)

Rasmus Klump's books are the most popular in all of Europe.

Rasmus Klump Shop (Danish)

Rasmus "Petzi" Pancake house in Tivoli Copenhagen

Mascot "Rasmus Klump"

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