Making Space for Fantasy Folk / Fairy door / Nissedør / Bonsai tray


Why people look for the things that doesn't exist? 

"The essential things in life are seen not with the eyes, but with the heart."      (The book fromThe Little Prince)


Fairy door    

Started Fairy live in the forest house in

North America. Good to see Children's

 imagination unlimitedly growing. .

I found many spiritual small shrine  

in forest from Asia & South America. Could

be forest trees are magical power to all.

Nissedør / Gnome Door

The Christmas elf (Tomte) lives

in Scandinavian farmer's

house, and takes care of

farm animals.

Mostly inside the house to


Bonsai tray / Bonkei (Tray landscape)

People can't describe by words. Therefore 

a way to share?

Over 150 years ago, Edo time people

had enjoyed indoor garden tray in Japan.

"tray landscape

It is a one of psychotherapy treatment.


Rasmus snissedr 2

 " Rasmus Fairy Door "

  sne rasmushus 

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Fairy door Wayford Woods.jpg


 Do you remember this artikel from 

The Guardian ?In spring 2015.

"Don’t do away with the fairies: we need

 to relearn our sense of the magical" 


A Video from "HIRO VIRAL"

It's very Heartwarming story behind.


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Fairy Door Enter


The Peaceable Kingdom is a Gift shop.

30 miles from center of Detroit, Michigan.


PDF- A map of The Fairy Doors for Ann Arbor.


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My Fairy door2 2016


Now residence's fairy home, in my garden!  

In fact,  a stump from a cut down tree two to

three years ago.  

This tree stump I was not able to dig out

by my power. Therefore, we decided to leave as

the door of a fairy.

Bamboo rolling mat

Door, roof made from Shims or Stretcher Bar Keys 

Color paint and clear varnish

Solar garden lights (optional)  

My Fairy door 2016


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IMG 7004 1024x994




A little Gnome door (En lille nissedør)

A set of price $10-20 / £7-14




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GNOMA Presenting by Pea Green Boat

This company creates and produces puppet shows for family and school audiences.
They are located in Barcelona, Spain.

GNOMA.Pea Green Boat puppet company from emilia esteban langstaff on Vimeo.


"David el Gnomo" is a very famous

European TV animation series

 from Spain. (Claudio Biern Boyd)

"The World of David the Gnome"

 David el Gnomo


Les Schtroumpfs / The Smurfs




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Source  Elfis?

 The Elves and the Shoemaker

Classic story from Grimm's Fairy Tales

Classic book shoemaker



 By Sven Nordqvist

81MJ oC1MgL


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jiorama moss



Moss Terrarium

Miniature landscape express through

a yourself with diorama figures.

Using a broken terracotta pot,

wood box, bird-cage or

any kind of container you can create. 

Moss gives gorgeous velvet carpet.

Using a few different types of moss makes

it look more like a real hill.


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Gnomes doors



The Bag End landscape

"Tray landscapeOver 150 years ago,

Edo time people had enjoyed indoor

garden tray in Japan.

 Don't you feel like hobbit come

out from  the door? So real.

The Hobbit love peace and meal  

more than anything else. Me too!

Those compact landscape are able

to express four seasons.

You can see amazing works from

Bonsai masters. "bonsaiempire" 



Behind the fairy door there may be a small space with small notes. Have fun.

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 nekonoteTooth faires

  nekonoteMoss Fairy House              

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