5 minute crafts / Champagne Metal Caps & Cork Crafts


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If you are going to have a party soon, then you may save some wine or champagne corks.

Tequila cap

Champagne cork  / Tequila cap / Arms made from pipe cleaner crafts

 Mustache Decorations Molded Sugar

Maraca made with Toothpicks / Polymer Clay Beads  etc.

colk mexicana

 Cork Mexicana

Crêpe Paper / Toothpick /  Wine cork & cap / etc.

cork guitarist

Cork Guitarrista

Craft stick / Soft wire tie / etc.

colk art conga

 Conga Virtuoso?

Coffee capsule hat / etc.

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rasmusmor fly panRasmus Klump and his mom 

Pipe cleaner crafts / Small Ribbon bow / Small Acrylic ball / etc.

pancake capFelt pad  / etc.

LEDlantan cap

Champagne Metal Caps /  Gelatin sheets / Coin cell battery

Small LED Light Bulb / Felt pad


Lanterne LED lights

LED lantan

Small LED Lantern


You can create your own small world forest in a tray

Champagne Metal Caps & Corks / Plant tray /  Moss

A few Balloons / Small Twigs or Sticks / Googly Eyes (if you like)




♦ Bubbly Bistro Chairs

from " The Tamara Blog "  

A good idea by "reciclando en la escuela"

Cute little people -  

( balloons and oil marker pen ) 

♦ How to make Cute little chairs

The Fab Miss B "

who shows us how to make cute little chairs.

♦ You will need a couple of Champagne cages and 

2-3 types of pliers to make these tiny chairs

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