Cozy Space Makes Children Grow



Children will learn in life-size space.

Toddler building individuality based

on the internal emotional map.

Daily that is made in interaction

with mother and father.

To play house, to play shop, to play

school. By playing they can practise

how to relate with others.


"Why Children Need Playhouses" 

 from The Wall Street Jornal

"unstructured, unsupervised play - can create

 emotionally sound adults." Give a base for

 own children. Tent / tree house / play house.


"The Importance of Pretend Play"

from Scholastic for parents

"Encourage your child to use her

imagination —it’s not just fun,

but builds learning skills too!"

pretend play


 harry potter room under the stairs zpsvqmpfeup




 Do you remember this closet under the stairs

 from 2001?

Over 450 million readers love the books. 
 "Harry Potter"

 Classic basement

 Basement in classic style by Krause Construction Denver Colorado,Entreprenør, Denver



 Door for room under the stairs.






My childhood was like this. The sky isn't blue,

but she feels like in paradise.

Thank you joyfulabode "How to Make a Woven

Wrap Hammock"

IMG 6733



Through the times our tools develop.

Therefore a big PC cabinet is no more needed

in the living room. Do you have the tools?

Would you like to make remarkable

change like this?

Thank you suttongrace

"A repurposed play kitchen" Great job!







 It's a very smart makeover. Looks like it would

 be possible to make real foods.

Thank you "sarahontheblog"





Makedo is a simple to use, open-ended

system of tools for creative cardboard

construction. Build imaginative and

useful creations from upcycled

(repurposed) everyday cardboard.





 DIY - Cardboard Play House  from


Home made cardboard house. 

"We also wanted to be able to assemble

it with no glue, so that it could be easily

disassembled and tucked in a closet"

Thank you for your share.


 Kids have a strong imagination - more

than adults. They can have unlimited

ideas. It's a good idea not to finish it.

The kids like to decorate the house

themselves, later.







 DIY: Teepee (tipi) tent

 Make tent without sew and use fabric



DSC7981 2012 03 14 at 11 01 37 XL



 Thank you for "House in our Hallway"


 The hallway is closed (cute barricade)?

 This idea is using Spring Tension Rod. 




 How to build a fort! from Thank you very much.

5 things to keep in mind when

  building a fort

 Dukkestue 7



 How do you think?

 Indoor, Outdoor, Tree house,any place

 kids are comfortable to pretend play.

 Children love roleplaying.

 Have fun!

 Thank you " interiormagasinet "


 From ECRP

 (Early Childhood Research & Practice)

 The Role of Pretend Play in Children's

 Cognitive Development

 Some of the merits are

"Problem Solving and

         Other Cognitive Strategies"