Swo----sh! (Coro Coro) / Marbles in the Capsules




This is my original craft.

The meaning of Coro Coro is roll

over and over Marble Game.

Capsule runsinto the box. Looks

cute,doesn't it?


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 "Cat's Cradle Fun Club"



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corocoro cups3


 Glass marble Sizes M and L

work best in the capsule.

 Size S is too small and light

to carry the capsule.

 Under the capsule a

cardboard ring works well.

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corocoro cups


 Check that the glass marbles

can roll in the capsule, before

you glue on the cardboard


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     corocoro figure

   corocoro figure2

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corocoro box


 Add  thin paper to make it

less bumpy at the entrance.

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kujira disco


 Make lines on the floor,

You can play like Curling.

 Create own game and

 rule. Have fun! 

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