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Traditional Pillar box

  I saw the Gold Pillar with

pink ribbon on Andy's

mum's twitter.

And I got inspired by

that, a cool way to


(From Wiki)

For the 2012 Summer

Olympics, a pillar box in

each of the British gold

medalists' home towns

was painted gold to

celebrate their success.

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Paper Roll Post junbi



(For 2) You will need:

- 1 cooking roll tube

- Some paint colors

- Craft knife

- Glue gun or craft glue

- Some hard paper

(like cardboard) for

top disc piece and

oversized base


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  Paper Roll Post noncolor2



 Cut a small hole at the

bottom to get the

contents out again (left in



 Alternatively cut an

indentation on the

cardboard foundation

without gluing (middle in




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Paper Roll Post logo

This shape of mail box still exists in Europe. (UK, Spain, Portugal, HongKong)


   Red post


   This is a Japanese mail box. (-1970)


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