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These toys are home made, using household items.

Made with wire, the Paper tubes have swinging arms. Let’s make some homemade toys!


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This craft can be made, using the following household items.


Paper tube (toilet rolls)

Paper clips (large) 5 cm, after straightening the clip, the wire becomes 15 cm (6 inch) long, or use crafts wires.

2-3 types of Pliers to make wires straight

Belt hole puncher or gimlet (tool)

Rubber band

Wiggly eyes (if you like) or Beads

Small pin for the handle and nose

Color craft papers, Color marker pens

Fabric or felt of your choice

Felt pads for chairs and doors

Craft glue or Hot Glue (Glue gun)


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body step by step

To make the penguin beak: Take or cut some sponge pads like the ones in the top right picture.

Wrap up the small pin or beads with the sponge pads in the shape of a beak.

To make the head shape on the rolls:

Take one end of the paper roll and cut 8-12 equally spaced slits and squeeze them together like the bottom left picture,

you want to end up like the top left picture. Use soft paper to make the head cover smooth.


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Pen swing tube

The pictures show the process of making the body. Make the two holes for the clip at the same height near the center.
The center of the wire shouldn’t be a loop  ➰  ♉ as it will be easier to stick the metal wire into the tube from one side without a loop and the rubber string won't be caught up by this type of bend  _⌈⌉_   
Tie the rubber string onto the wire stick tight enough so the wire will pull it, use glue if necessary.
For the end of the stick: Cut ½ felt pads and sandwich the wire.


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cat tube3

If you want to make a cat, it is good to emphasize the ears.
Push in one end of the paper roll. Push in the other end to close the gap.
Depending on the type of game, the hole for the swing arm should be under the face or under the right ear.
(ex. hitting at the side or the front)
Put a rubber string through the top of the head to the inner wire so it pulls.
How to tie Rubber string? If it is difficult to get your fingers inside the tube to tie the string, then use a knitting needle.
For the decorative parts like the face, eyes, nose or beard stableize it by Glue gun


This video shows the speed and power of the swinging arm.


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make goal2

Make ice hockey game items. For the goal posts:
Ice hockey goal (2 large plastic bottles,4 straws)
Player’s helmet (plastic cups or side of clear bottle)
Hockey stick (Bamboo stick, Felt pads)
Puck (bottle cup or felt pads for chairs and doors)
I bought a pack of felt pads used for chairs and doors.
They pads are already glued with a very strong bond strength which I like.
Use the craft knife to cut large plastic bottles on one side and then cut the bottle in half following the orange line like in the picture above.
For the goal frames cut a straw in half on the long side and wrap it onto the opening


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top cort

You can choose the game items to play-
Golf, Ice hockey, Cricket or Tennis. It's gonna be fun.
I got inspiration from Picture Book Kids Crafts.
Special thanks to Mr. Himajin
 swing tube28  swing tube29
 Thank you for your visit.

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