PETER RABBIT / Paper Roll Crafts with Wooden Knives


I used a wooden knife to shape the ears. As I felt that would properly express the shape of rabbit ears.  

I wonder if Peter’s standing ears express nervousness? Like when he sneaks into the field of Mr. McGregor.

Peter rabbit craft 12

The official Peter Rabbit site is celebrating the 150th birthday of

author Beatrix Potter.

In her works, Potter wanted to emphasize the natural look.

In 1901 she began publishing her books with 24 stories, that are read

all over the world, across many generations.

The exciting thing is that a new animation movie about Peter the

rabbit is scheduled to come out in the spring of 2018. ​

British actor James Corden will be the voice of  Peter. (Here) 

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Peter rabbit craft 2


One paper roll (tube) / 3 wooden knives

Some paper towels / Wood glue /  Cutter knife

Acrylic paint /  Magic marker / Newspaper (or copy paper)

Nail file or sandpaper

♥ When you paint the body, put on the colors with a sponge,

first darker then lighter colors to make it look like fur.

Do not forget the tail. 

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Peter rabbit craft 7

Use the tip of the knife as ears, part of the handle will be

thetoes. Take one end of the paper roll and cut 8-12 equally

spaced slits. Then insert into the opening about 2 cm ​wide​.

Insert the ears, extra bud part will be cut off.

Peter rabbit craft 8 

Make each wood piece smooth with a file or sandpaper.

Take another circular cardboard glued inside

the tube for support. Here the wood end can

be set inserted into the small hole.

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Peter rabbit craft 5

Close the cutted side of the tube, stuff paper towel into the tube.
♥ It is OK to be stuff paper towels into the tube
​ ins​tead​ of stuffing another cardboard​ tube​ inside.

Peter rabbit craft 6 

​​Use copy paper or news paper to make the head cover

smooth. I glued a circular cardboard in the bottom of

the tube with f​ee​t. The body of the tube and f​ee​t was

painted by a little sponge.


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Peter rabbit craft 10

Use a single wooden knife to make both arms.

​Both arms do​n​’t have to be​ the​ same shape.

​Smooth​e them by​ us​ing a​ nail file or sandpaper.

Then paint and glue.

Peter rabbit craft 11

Create a carrot by using wood dowel pins.

And green corrugated cardboard for leaves.

Make the ​dowel pin p​oint​y like​ a​ carrot​ with a​ ​pencil shap​e​ner.

​Stick a staple in top of​ the​ dowel pin with pliers. Then paint it.

​Cut the staple then w​r​ap​ and​ g​l​ue it on the slit cardbord​ top.


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Peter rabbit craft 9

This is a Cat's Cradle Fun original craft.

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