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  May 5th is children's day, which is one of Japanese national holidays.

Children's Day is celebrated in hope of healthy growth, happiness, and prosperity of both boys and girls.


Carp maj2

Carp Origami from Origami-n-stuff4kids

  Origami-Boy's Day Carp, Koi Nobori

How to fold the carp?

Please visit to


Thank you.

10cm long / 4 inch.



sweming fish

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Carp maj3

"Boy's Day Kite, Koi Nobori" from Origami-n-stuff4kids


  Crafts: Boy's Day Kite,

Koi Nobori  


19 cm long / 7½ inch.

I used some cardboard paper for the inside

of carp to make it a little bit stronger.

Wrap up the recycle paper on your finger

size. Then glue it shut.

A few examples on how to display.

koi wave

"Boy's Day Kite, Koi Nobori" from Origami-n-stuff4kids



koi deco2

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koi bleu vert



A4 size copy 28 cm / 11 inch.

A3 size copy 38 cm / 15 inch.


deco carp2
"Koinobori maniac" from DANS MOM BOCAL

  Nadja is a French textile designer and

is producing some beautiful fabrics and papers. Please visit her blog.


You can open the PDF file by "imprimez

download" button below the image.

You have two choices: self coloring or 6

full colorful files. 

Such a tail fin of a pleated skirt.

Please enjoy her adorable decorations.

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  Free printables



 Carp paper collage

  3-15 years old (OnlyJapanese)

 Educational materials      


  Samurai helmet decoration  

   Super real motorbike craft (OnlyJapanese)


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